• ART Department

Nursing services form the largest services provided in Paray Mission Hospital and the majority of staff are nurses as it’s the essential package provided for clients at Paray Hospital. Nurses are found in almost all corners of the hospital that is from preventive services, curative services and rehabilitative services. The nursing profession has different cadres of professionals with varied specialities like nursing administration, community health nursing, ophthalmic nursing, nursing anaesthesiology, theatre nursing and technics, midwifery etc..

The hospital provides nursing care in 6 in-patient wards, namely Paediatric ward, Male ward, Female ward, Maternity, TB ward and High Care Unit. The High Care Unit was established in 2014 and is a new innovation that is not be found in most district and local hospitals in Lesotho. It provides intensive care for patients in critical situations. Maternity ward is one of the most important wards in Paray Hospital as most efforts are geared towards reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality Rates. In addition, minor and major procedures like caesarean section, laparotomy, herniorrhaphy, hysterectomy and cystectomy are done in the operation theatre.

Besides this patients are served on a daily basis in an outpatient department which includes ART department, tuberculosis department, dental services, physiotherapy and maternal and child health services. Supportive services is provided by pharmacy, radiology and laboratory.